Ancient Estonian massage

In addition to home remedies, ancient Estonian massage has been part of everyday life already for centuries. This massage was done a bit differently in different places. The techniques and level were also different as well as the name of the massage. Besides “touching” and “ironing”, “vessel working” is also common as well as “kneading” which was popular in Saaremaa. Compared to other types of massage, ancient Estonian massage has the rhythm of traditional runosong. This is due to its stamping and slopping techniques. Probably everyone has stepped on their parents’ or grandparents’ backs as a child. This is also part of ancient Estonian massage, although we do not this during our sessions.

Alar Krautman, collector of Estonia’s traditional medicine and teacher, has compiled a whole massage from these pieces that considers today’s needs and knowledge. Ancient Estonian massage is performed through thin clothes and on the mat. Also, massage with oil or honey also exists and it was mainly used in sauna where it was possible to wash yourself. At Teraapialaegas, Mari-Liis provides ancient Estonian massage through clothes.

Ancient Estonian massage is suitable for back, shoulder, and neck stiffness as well as in case of general tension, general stress, fatigue, and feeling low. It is also good for treating muscle stiffness caused by physical activity (so-called training pain).

Ancient Estonian massage at Teraapialaegas:

60 min – EUR 37

90 min – EUR 48

Package 5x/10x 60 min: EUR 175/340

Package 5x/10x 90 min: EUR 225/430