Nutrition counselling

Nutrition counselling is service for everyone who wishes to know more about nutrition and enrich their menu. The world of food is big and wide and today grocery shopping is extremely difficult because so much crap is sold that does not improve human body at all. Unfortunately, ignorance is wide-spread and while this crap is often also cheap, it gets onto our tables. If you want to consume pure food that would truly nourish your body, you should focus on less processed foods and learn how to cook yourself.

Fortunately, monitoring your menu and cooking are not so difficult once you get over the first and biggest obstacle called “I can’t” or lack of will and motivation. Often, there is also a lack of knowledge. It is true that information about nutrition is complex and contradictory and a new miracle diet is published every day, promising mountains of gold and extraordinary results in only a few days. If you want a change that stays, you need to improve your lifestyle and keep far from passing crazes. You need habits that stick to you for life. Healthy and balanced food is ten times tastier than any cheap refined crap and it helps to achieve goals, be it healthier skin, weight loss, or increasing muscle mass.


As a service, nutrition counselling is a one-hour conversation about food. During this hour we shall discover your food habits and try to find out what is wrong (if nothing was wrong, you wouldn’t be interested in it, right?). You will receive many useful advices how to improve your nutrition. For instance, tricks and tips for quick meals on working days. Nutrition counselling is like a treasure chest full of useful means for enriching your table. Here you can ask which food products to buy from the store, how to prepare sweets without sugar, where to get your blood tested for minerals and vitamins, etc. If you prepare the questions beforehand, you shall receive thoroughly researched answers!

Nutrition counselling does not oblige you for anything: your own business what you do with this knowledge. If you want an individual plan, you can order a nutrition plan, which is basically a personal weekly menu. After nutrition counselling, ordering the nutrition plan is EUR 5 cheaper (30 instead 35) than without counselling. Later, you can come for a monthly check-up with any questions and correct/improve the plan.

Nutrition counselling is Silja’s service. She has been deeply interested in food for more than 10 years, mainly cooking it. Year by year, her food choices have improved and the recipes are healthy. It is normal to find some beetroot in her chocolate cakes because beetroot is sweet and makes the cake moist too!

Nutrition counselling at Teraapialaegas:

  • First appointment – EUR 32 (menu analysis, counselling, materials)
  • Next appointments – EUR 25