Nutrition Plan

Probably everyone has an idea about healthy eating: balanced diet with enough fresh products, protein sources, carbohydrates, healthy fats as well as vitamin and mineral bombs. Unfortunately, it is often too hard to motivate yourself to put this knowledge into practice. This is where a nutrition plan, a personal weekly menu just for you, can help. This menu is full of your favourite dishes (or their healthier versions) and helps you to achieve your goal, be it either building muscle mass, losing weight or boosting the overall energy level.

When creating a nutrition plan, we shall calculate the amount of nutrients you should consume and use a simple portion system. If you like to cook, you will be equipped with exciting recipes. If you don’t have too much time to mess around in the kitchen, we shall find quick, but still healthy ways to follow the plan. The plan shall give you recommendations and leave choices because the borders are not set rigidly. For instance, your snack could be an apple instead of a pear. Nothing happens either if you choose to eat a banana altogether!

Creating a nutrition plan starts with counselling and learning about you: either in the office or via email. With this interview, we shall:

  • find out your goal
  • favourite dishes
  • least favourite meals (that you would never want to see in your nutrition plan or which you are allergic to)
  • your readiness to cook yourself
  • meal times (e.g. do you have time for a long lunch)

In the end, you shall receive a weekly plan with general recommendations and recipes.

Nutrition plan at Teraapialaegas:

  • Nutrition plan for 7 days: EUR 50