Thai Massage

Many people are afraid of Thai massage because somehow they got the impression that it involves serious cracking and bending of the bones. No, this is not what it’s all about. Although some techniques may cause some cracking, the more serious cracking is left for chiropractors. Thai massage is a thousand years old ancient art from Asia (contemporary Swedish or classic massage was invented in Sweden only in 19th century).

Thai massage is a meditative and yoga-like process, often also called lazy man’s yoga. Namely, it is as liberating and enjoyable as going to a yoga class, but you don’t have to do much yourself, maybe occasionally just inhale and exhale loudly because the massage therapist is doing yoga to your body. Thai massage treatment is given through clothes and it includes lots of pressing, for which the therapist uses gravity and her body weight. The second essential part involves stretches and slight twisting-rotating.

Tai massaaž on meditatiivne ja joogalik protsess, mida sageli nimetatakse ka laisa inimese joogaks. Nimelt on see sama vabastav ja mõnus kui joogatunnis käimine, ainult et ise ei pea eriti midagi tegema, võibolla vahepeal sisse-välja hingama, sest joogat teeb su kehaga hoopis massöör. Tai massaaži tehakse läbi riiete ning selles on väga palju vajutusi, milles massöör kasutab ära gravitatsiooni ja oma keharaskust. Teine oluline osa on venitused ja kerged väänamised-rotatsioonid.

In addition to hands, the therapist also uses feet, knees, and elbows during the session, so for the therapist this massage also serves as a light workout as she often has to change the position. The massage is given on a mat.


Thai massage at Teraapialaegas:

  1. Runner’s special, Thai massage for the legs: 45 min 30 EUR
  2. Thai massage 60 min: EUR 37
    • Package x5: EUR 175
    • Package x10: EUR 340
  3. Thai massage 90 min: EUR 48
    • Package x5: EUR 225
    • Package x10: EUR 430