Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is best for people with active lifestyles (amateur and professional athletes, manual labourers, etc.) who do not simply want to relax and relieve their stress when they land on the massage table, but also require thorough manipulation of their muscles and other soft tissue creatures (fascia, tendons, etc.).

Deep tissue massage combines different techniques from Swedish massage, sports massage, and soft tissue therapy. This massage is perfect for injury prevention as well as recovery. Combined with kinesio taping, you will feel that you have received a service that improves your sports performance and work efficiency. In order not to sound too ideal, let us warn you that the first few times may be quite painful (maybe you will even want to kick the therapist) and a day after the massage you may feel slightly sluggish, but this is all for a good cause.

Lokaalne süvamassaaž reie tagaküljele

Deep tissue massage at Teraapialaegas:

  1. Topical deep tissue massage that focuses thoroughly on one problematic area (e.g. hamstrings):
    • 40 minutes: EUR 25
    • Package 5x: EUR 115
    • Package 10x: EUR 210
  2. Deep tissue massage (entire body, multiple areas):
    • 75 minutes: EUR 42
    • Package 60 min x5: EUR 195
    • Package 60 min x10: EUR 375
    • 1 h 45 min: EUR 55
    • Package 90 min x5: EUR 260
    • Package 90 min x10: EUR 500