Lymph Massage

Lymph massage or lymphatic drainage (MLD) is an efficient aid for edemas and weak immunity. The lymphatic system is part of cardio-vascular system, a striking name for the lymph is “white blood”. The lymph vessels collect excess tissue fluids filtrated from blood capillaries during metabolism and transport the fluid and proteins back to the bloodstream. Lymph movements through vessels and processing in lymph nodes ensures the elimination of waste products and makes sure the tissues are properly supplied.

What is lymph massage?

LümfimassaažLymph massage is a therapy during which the lymphatic system is influenced. The lymphatic system may need an extra hand or speeding up substance transport for several reasons. Indications for lymph massage are primarily edemas, that could have occurred during a longer period of time or as a result of trauma or operations. Often, oedema that has occurred over a longer period of time may not be visible from the exterior. However, fluid stuck between tissues causes the feeling of heaviness or tingle in some part of the body (e.g. in calves after standing for a longer time). Lymph massage can also help by strengthening the immune system and in scar treatment, also before planned surgeries to speed up the recovery.

Ask the therapist for advice in case of contraindications. Lymph massage may be bad for you if you have malignant tumours, acute inflammation, acute trombosis, or severe kidney failure.

As the lymph flows slowly, the movements in the therapy are also very calm. During the massage, mostly the subcutaneous tissue fluid and superficial lymphatic system are influenced, so the touch is gentle and reminds of caressing. Despite being gentle, lymph massage has an effect during therapy and also much later thanks to faster lymph drainage.

Half-an-hour session is suitable for sports injury treatment: ankle-knee injuries, operation recovery, because it helps to reduce swelling. During this short session, the focus is on one specific area.

Lymph massage at Teraapialaegas:

30 min (topical therapy) – EUR 18

60 min – EUR 32