The power lies within knowledge! If you are aware of how your body functions and what kind of injuries and other dangers different sports activities and daily life behold, you are better prepared for a sudden attack. We offer seminars to increase awareness and encourage curiosity towards the human body. The range of subjects is wide, but in addition to those listed below, we could also adapt to Your own very special topic. We could also integrate a playful side into the seminars and introduce some improvisational dancing or peaceful and relaxed yin-yoga.

sIf you need us, please contact us well in advance, so we could book the time for you in our calendar and dig deep into the topic to find the most valuable treasures in the chest of knowledge. The price of the seminar is formed during negotiations and depends on where we have to come and how thorough seminar you require. We speak both Estonian and English and just a little Finnish. Printed materials given to the participants! Generally, the seminars also include a practical part, i.e. exercises or cooking together.

The seminars are for amateur athletes and other people who want to become more aware of their bodies.

Possible subjects:

  • sports injuries and recovery (general and specific, e.g. common injuries for runners)
  • balanced (active person’s) nutrition
  • exciting recipes and the treasures of the culinary world (if it is possible to cook there)
  • back-neck-pick a body part: disorders and alleviation (treatment, exercises, etc.)
  • self-help for office workers (stretch-massage-move!)
  • some other mystical topic that you can think of!

Previous seminars

  • “Common injuries of runners” – ProRunner running camp in Marguse Puhkekeskus, Otepää, 19.04.2015
  • “Preventing injuries of runners” (Sander) and “Balanced nutrition” (Silja) – FB Jooksmine running camp in Nelijärve Puhkekeskus, 19.-20.06.2015
  • “Physiotherapy and recovery” – Elujooks running camp at Hiie, Lahemaa, 10.07.2015