Swedish Massage

Swedish or classic massage serves somewhat as the synonym for massage. If someone wants massage, they usually refer to Swedish massage: you lie down on the table, feel your muscles relax, and let your thoughts wander, away from everyday hustle and bustle.

Very often, people think that Swedish massage is all about the back. In fact, Swedish massage is a perfect way to influence all body parts from head to toe. Swedish massage implements a complex of special techniques, the main effect of which is to improve blood supply and lymphatic circulation. A person feels it through relaxing muscles and overall relaxation.

Compared to deep tissue massage, Swedish massage is less specific and less pressure is used when  implementing the techniques (instead of wanting to kick the masseur, you shall fall asleep).

Therefore, we recommend Swedish massage to everyone who feels that their body requires an overall relaxation from daily mental stress and working at the office table, not so much from muscle tension caused by sports or manual labour. For the latter, deep tissue massage works the best.

Turjamassaaž - põhiline valutekitaja

Swedish massage at Teraapialaegas:

Topical Swedish massage (e.g. only the back):
30 minutes: EUR 18
Package 30 min x5: EUR 80
Package 30 min x10: EUR 150

Swedish massage (general or multiple areas):
60 minutes: EUR 32
Package 60 min x5: EUR 145
Package 60 min x10: EUR 280

90 minutes: EUR 44
Package 90 min x5: EUR 215
Package 90 min x10: EUR 395