Kinesio Taping

Lately, both office workers and athletes alike have started to suggest taping for their sore neck or hurting knee. When previously tape referred mainly to sports tape, then now it refers more and more to a slightly different kind of tape: the colourful and extremely stretchy kinesio tape. Everyone is selling, applying, and buying it. But what then is kinesio tape and why is it so popular?

Kinesio taping uses a special kind of tape, the elasticity of which is comparable with that of human muscles. The tape is waterproof and breathable, much like second skin. Therefore, when going to a formal event, you could forget altogether that you have the tape on. Then you could always excuse yourself by claiming it to be a fashionable accessory. Kinesio tape does not contain any medicine and is neutral to the skin (only rarely, slight hypersensitivity may occur in the form of redness or itching).

The main effect of kinesio taping is the following: when applied correctly, it raises the skin and tissues, as a result of which injured tissues gain “more space”. More space ensures the injured tissue a better lymphatic circulation and blood supply. Ultimately, pressure on the nociceptors is relieved and the pain recedes.

NB! Special note for men! Sometimes applying kinesio tape on men may be somewhat complicated. Therefore, please prepare both mentally and physically for the chance that some hair removal might be necessary to tape some parts of the body.

Kinesio taping at Teraapialaegas:

1. Within a therapy (e.g. you come for massage/therapy and also get the tape): EUR 6
2. Kinesio taping as a separate service (if you come only for the tape): EUR 12