What creature is a physiotherapist (or simply physio) and what the hell is physiotherapy? During the Soviet times, physiotherapy mainly referred to treatments with different machines (electrotherapy, ultrasound, etc.) as well as wraps and baths. Others think physiotherapy means some kind of special exercises that no one else besides a physiotherapist knows and that have to be done every single day, even after a 12-hour night shift. Some also think that physiotherapy is a mix of massage, applying pressure to some mystical painful points, cracking joints, and taping.

In fact, all of them are correct. In recent years, the term of physiotherapy has widened significantly. Officially, physiotherapy is  combination of physical treatment (electrotherapy, ultrasound, mud treatment, etc.), physical exercises and manual therapy (massage, these mystical painful points, cracking, different tapings). Sports physiotherapy could also include managing the training processnutrition consultation, and first aid. Physiotherapist who works with acute and bedridden patients also uses position treatment (helps bedridden patients to avoid bedsores and relieve pain during acute pain period through correct positions).

Initial physiotherapy begins with an assessment: identifying the reason for the visit, anamnesis, posture observation, joint mobility assessment, soft tissue condition assessment with special test and palpation. Afterwards, the physiotherapist introduces further steps: the need for recurring visits, description of the treatment process, etc. Often, the patient leaves with recommendations: exercises, adjustment of daily activities.

We recommend to visit a physiotherapist with sports traumas (twisted ankle from a forest jog), after an operation for rehabilitation (knee meniscus operation), with different overload injuries (periosteum inflammation), with chronic and acute musculoskeletal system disorders (lower back pain, neck pain), to prevent sports traumas and overload injuries.


Physiotherapy at Teraapialaegas:

  1. Physiotherapy 75 min: EUR 42