Functional testing

Functional testing – a good way to prevent injuries

Injury prevention becomes topical both in sport and everyday life year by year. For an athlete, the time when he can’t train due to injury, is lost time. For an average person, an injury means lower quality of life: giving up his favourite hobby or, in the worst case scenario, losing his job. Treating injuries is definitely more time-consuming and more expensive than prevention. Therefore, it is vital to reduce the probability of injuries to minimum.

Funktsionaalne testimine, üks testharjutustest

The only option to prevent injuries is to detect the weak points of the musculo-skeletal system and work on them. This is what functional testing is for. The testing makes use of daily basic movements that help to point out limitations of the musculo-skeletal system, asymmetries between body sides, disturbances in the range of motion of different parts of body, Funktsionaalne testimine muscular strength deficiencies, etc. Based on test results, it is possible to adjust training loads, change training structure, add injury prevention exercises to everyday life, choose the right equipment, change everyday habits harmful to the musculo-skeletal system, etc. When you come to the testing, you don’t need to be injured, in many ways it is especially good for prevention. Functional testing is also appropriate during injury treatment period in order to assess the course of the treatment.

Functional testing includes:

  • testing
  • test result analysis and discussion with the customer
  • compiling exercise plan based on the test results

Functional testing at Teraapialaegas:

60 min – EUR 35

After focusing on the weak points for a while (at least a month), you can come to the test again. This way you can see whether there have been developments. Before starting serious training and significantly increasing training loads, it is useful to do the test, so the increase in activity would not cause injuries.