Sander Jürs

Sander JürsFor his entire conscious life, Sander has been active in sport and thus becoming a physiotherapist was natural for him. Sander graduated from Tartu Health Care College majoring in physiotherapy and has hereinafter participated in several seminars to learn more. In addition to working in private practice as a physiotherapist, he has also worked with different athletes and teams (Estonian futsal team, Estonian beach football team, track and field athletes).

Sander is mainly charmed by the diversity and wholeness of physiotherapy. It starts with identifying the problem, continues with finding the cause, and ends with a solution. The best reward, in this case, is satisfied and happy patient. In addition to physiotherapy, Sander provides Swedish and deep tissue massage. The latter is stronger kind of massage and he also calls it “therapeutic”.

Sander has been active in sport since childhood and has competed a lot. He is a long-distance runner and now runs under Sparta. You can meet him both in public races and Estonian championships.

Sander’s schools:

  • Tartu University, Physiotherapy, MSc incomplete
  • 2004-2007 Tartu Health Care College, Physiotherapy, professional higher education, thesis “Assessing the functional state of lower limb muscles of middle- and long-distance runners using the myotonometric method”
  • 1992-2004 – Vändra Highschool


  • 20.10.2018- “The Shoulder”, 8 h, STT4 Performance, London, England
  • 23.06.2018- “Achilles tendinopathy & Plantarfasciopathy”, 8 h, London, England
  • 20.01.2018- “Rehabilitation of Hamstring Injuries: A combination of art and science”, 8 h, Tallinn
  • Juuni 2017- “Medical Acupuncture for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain”, 16 h, Inverness, Scotland
  • 01.10.2016 – “Osteopathic & Chiropractic Manipulation Master Class“, 8 h, Osteon Manual Therapy Training, London, England
  • 28.05.2016 – seminar “Complaints in the neck area“, 9 h, Lauri Rannama, Indrek Tustit, Liivia Raudsik; Tallinn
  • Veebruar 2016 – “Ribcage – the missing link in sports therapy?“, Tartu University
  • 24.11.2015 – “Sports injuries – knee and ankle“, lecture in the series “Treeni teadlikult”, dr Kaspar Rõivassepp
  • 10.-11.10.2015 – “OMT Spinal Manipulation“, 32 h, Osteon Manual Therapy Training, Manchester, England
  • 20.-23.08.2015 – “Sports Medicine Course“, 26 h, in Tartu during IX international Baltic sports medicine conference
  • 24.05.2014 – “Introduction to Dynamic Tape Course“, 8 h, Thomas Nikolaus, Tallinn
  • 2014 – “Shoulder joint I and II“, Ortopeedilise Osteopaatia Keskus
  • 2013 – “Hip joint“, Ortopeedilise Osteopaatia Keskus
  • 2013 – seminar “Lower back pains“, Eesti Spordimeditsiini klaster SportEST
  • 26.-27.01.2013 – “Soft tissue therapies for musculoskeletal problems“, 18 h, Laivin Koolitused, Lauri Rannama
  • 2012 – “Ergonomic risk factors in working environment and physiotherapy of occupational diseases“, Tervise Abi OÜ
  • 26.04.2012 – “Efficient 3-dimensional trunk supporting application options“, Tervise Abi OÜ
  • 03.03.2012 – “K-Taping Postgraduate Course 1“, Arci Estonia OÜ, Hille Maas
  • 2011 – “Motivating interviewing regarding nutrition and physical activity“, Tervise Arengu Instituut
  • 2009 – conference “Science, sport, and medicine“, Tartu University
  • 2007 – “Load tests I“, Tartu Health Care College
  • 2007 – “Assessing the musculo-skeletal apparatus II“, Tartu Health Care College
  • 2007 – “Assessing the musculo-skeletal apparatus I“, Tartu Health Care College
  • 2005 – “Functional gait analysis, using its results in clinical treatment“, Eesti Füsioterapeutide Liit

Different jobs:

  • 2015-… Teraapialaegas OÜ – founder, owner, physiotherapist
  • 2014 – KI Therapy OÜ – physiotherapist, sports massage therapist
  • 2012-2014 – Tallinn Viimsi Spa – physiotherapist, massage therapist
  • 2011-2012 – Activitas OÜ – physiotherapist
  • 2007-2010 – Vomax OÜ – sports doctor’s assistant, massage therapist, customer manager
  • 2006 – Tallinna Lastekodu Rehabilitatsioonikeskus – physiotherapist
  • 2006 – Pirkanmaa occupational school in Finland, 3-month practice in physiotherapy during Erasmus