The concept of Teraapialaegas (Therapy Chest) was born at a mystical hour, midnight. As this sudden thought of our own cosy place kept us awake, we realised that it is the right thing to do and has to be done. At Teraapialaegas, we wish to offer a cosy environment where to relax, train, and heal. To make it even better, we offer costumers in the waiting room a cup of warm tea and homemade snacks.

Basically, Teraapialaegas consists of two different rooms: Dusk Chest and Dawn Chest. Dusk Chest refers to the West culture and its traditions and there you can find a massage table for Swedish and deep tissue massage as well as a physiotherapist. The Dawn Chest is the furthest and most separated room, dedicated mostly to oriental Thai massage. Scented candles, mellow music, warm light – you will find these in the breaking dawn.

Dusk Chest
Dawn Chest

Both Silja and Sander love to move actively and you could often find them running on the streets and in the forests of Nõmme, some group fitness class or the gym. Exercise is a natural part of their daily life and a day without exercise is a sad one. Therefore, you could ask them for advice about training.