Prices for our services (includes 5x and 10x massage packages). When you click on the link in the price list, you can read more about the particular service.

Prices include VAT!

ServiceOne appointmentPackage 5xPackage 10x
Physiotherapy (75 min)36--
Functional testing (60 min)30--
Trigger point therapy (60 min)33155290
Kinesio taping12--
Kinesioteipimine osana massaažist/teraapiast6--
Nutrition counselling, first appointment29--
Nutrition counselling, next appointments22100-
Food intolerance test and counselling110--
Nutrition plan45--
Topical deep tissue massage (30 min)24110195
Deep tissue massage 60 min38180340
Deep tissue massage 90 min52245475
Topical Swedish massage (30 min)1880150
Swedish massage 60 min32150280
Swedish massage 90 min44215395
Topical lymph massage (30 min)1880150
Lymph massage 60 min32150280
Sport special - Thai massage only for legs (45 min)30140-
Thai massage 60 min37175340
Thai massage 90 min48225430
Ancient Estonian massage 60 min37175340
Ancient Estonian massage 90 min48225430
Pre-competition massage (30 min)23--

5x packages are valid for 5 months.
10x packages are valid for 10 months.